Body Care

Korean Body Scrub
An age-old tradition in Korea, the body scrub is an excellent way to exfoliate your entire body resulting in smooth and radiant skin. 
Women - $60 for 40 minutes | $30 for 20 minute back only
Men - $40 for 25 minutes

Body Moisturizing
Our signature treatment using natural oils, milk, and honey will replenish moisture to your skin and leave you feeling rejuvenated. The Korean Body Scrub is highly recommended in combination with this service. 
$70 for 50 minutes

Body Wrap
Your body is wrapped in a blend of seaweed, mud, and red clay to increase your metabolism and assist in weight loss.
$80 for 60 minutes



Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Swedish,  Hand, & Foot Massage
$40 for 30 mins | $60 for 50 mins | $70 for 60 mins | $105 for 90 mins

Hot Stone
$70 for 50 mins | $105 for 75 mins

* Prices do NOT include the use of facility

Skin Care

Palace Spa Signature Facial - $120 for 90 mins
Our licensed aesthetician will create a facial treatment tailored to your specific needs using a special blend of cleansers, tonics, exfoliants, masks, serums, eye creams, and moisturizers.

Teen Facial (for customers 19& under) - $65 for 50 mins | $75 for 60 mins | $85 for 75 mins
This facial is custom created for teens to reduce oil and flush out congested pores. The products applied in this treatment are designed to prevent acne.

Renewal Facial - $75 for 60 mins
Specifically designed for sun damaged or blemished skin, this treatment features a multi-layered organic mask that detoxifies

Palace Organic Back Treatment - $75 for 60 mins
This treatment removes impurities from the back and shoulders.

Deep Cleansing Organic Facial - $75 for 60 mins
Organic fruits and spices highlight this one of a kind treatment. This exotic remedy exfoliates your skin, stimulates circulation, flushes out pores.

Mini Palace Facial - $45 for 30 mins
A condensed version of our signature facial that focuses on a single area.